Who are all of these people and why are they in my Contacts list and how do I get rid of them all at once?

Who are all of these and why are they in my list and how do I get of them all at once?

By default your iPhone will only let you delete one at a time, which isn’t a very pleasant process for anyone who has lots to delete. For those that don’t want to go the nuclear option of deleting all of them via iCloud, these is a way to delete multiple at once, you’ll just need the help of an app Store app to do it.

How to delete multiple contacts from your iPhone all at once

DownloadDownload Mp3 Cutter Merger V7.0.1 APK the Groups app to your iPhone from the app Store — Free – Download NowLaunch the Groups app on your iPhone. Grant Groups access to your contacts when prompted. Select All Contacts from the Groups list.Go through your contacts and mark the ones you’d like to delete by tapping on the circle outline to the left of their name.

Tap Actions at the top.

Selecting contacts to delete in Groups

Tap on Delete contacts… in the popup menu.

Tap on Remove from my iPhone! in order to confirm.

Deleting groups of contacts using Groups

That’s it! You should now be able to hop back into the built-in Phone or Contacts app and verify that the selected contacts were in fact deleted. While Groups isn’t the most attractive app available, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!

Oh, and if you’d prefer a video tutorial, we’ve got you covered.

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