What do you do if the iPhone’s lowest brightness setting isn’t enough? Go even darker.

What do you do if the ’s setting isn’t enough? Go even darker.

Much as I appreciate the ’s blindingly bright LED screen in direct sunlight, it’s not always the nicest sight to see in a nighttime environment. This is especially true for iPad pros and users alike who may need their device for use in darkened theaters or while surveying the night sky.

In short: When you need to use your or iPad without blinding yourself or nearby neighbors, sometimes iOS’ setting just doesn’t cut it. But there’s a better way, thanks to Apple’s Accessibility settings.

How to make your iPhone darker than the setting

Open the Settings app.Go to General > Accessibility > Zoom.Enable Zoom.

Set the Zoom Region to Full Screen Zoom.

Tap on Zoom Filter.Select Low Light.

Your screen will immediately dim; from here, you can do more minor brightness adjustments from Control Center. (Those of you hoping for another way to save your battery life will sadly be disappointed, unfortunately; the screen “dimming” is actually just a filter, not a physical dimming of your screen.)

How to set up a shortcut for ultra-low brightness

Those six steps above are a nice time-waster and all, but you can make ultra-dimming your screen at any time a cinch by enabling Apple’s Accessibility shortcut.

Open the Settings app.

Go to General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut.

Select Zoom, if it’s not already selected.

Now, whenever you wish to activate (or deactivate) Zoom’s Low Light brightness setting, triple-press the Home button and press the Zoom button on the resulting pop-up.


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