The Dancing Lady is Being Expelled

In the evening walk, we often see a lot of dancing aunt in the plaza or open space. This is a very harmonious picture, until someone they escape the threat of the gun dogs, just simply because of their music too loud.Some people think this lousy music has seriously affecting their life, so that the dancing lady should be expelled from public place. While I can’t agree with them.

I think,in the first place, most dancing ladies are retired woman, they finally have extra time to do something they like to do, and get together to dance, making more new friends who are share the same habit with them, and build up their body as well. As a matter of fact, some dancing lady is a loner with on family member at home, dancing group is like their second home. We should not deprive them of dance right.

In the second place, square and open space is public place; everyone can use it for any actions of entertainment or relax. If someone complain the lousy music, they can go straight to the dance group and ask them to turn it down. We don’t have to solve this problem by an extremely way.

In short, I do not think so expel dancing lady, because this is a public place, and why we can not just want to find a place to group together a good dance retired ladies good point?


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