Log into iCloud Photo Sharing on Apple TV for access to shared albums on the big screen.

Library is ’s storage service, which lets you store all of your hundreds of thousands of pictures in . Doing so makes it possible for you to grab the photos you want onto your device without having to store them locally. You can connect all of your uploads by setting up Library on your iPhone or iPad, and Mac or PC.

When you turn on My Stream and iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac or PC, you can view your shared iCloud Library on the fourth-generation TV, as well as pictures you’ve added to My Stream over the past month. Once you are set up on iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC, follow the steps here to access your photos on TV

How to into iCloud Photos

Before you can view your shared albums and Stream feed, you’ll need to into iCloud on Apple TV.

Turn on Apple TV.Open the Settings app.

Select Accounts.

Opening the Settings app on Apple TV

Select iCloud.

Select Sign in.

Accessing iCloud on Apple TV

Enter your Apple ID.Select Continue.Enter the Password associated with your Apple ID.

Select Sign In.

Signing in to iCloud on Apple TV

Select iCloud Photo to toggle it on.

Select My Photo Stream to toggle it on.

Turning on Photo Stream on Apple TV

When you open the Photos app on Apple TV, you will see your shared albums, recent activity, and your Photo Stream feed. You can view pictures as a slideshow, or set them as the screensaver.

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