If Siri can’t help you on Apple Watch, it can hand you off to your iPhone to continue the action.

Handoff lets you start an on one device and finish it on another. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and… ! With it, you can check in on ’s built-in Calendar, Mail, Maps, Messages, and Phone apps and switch over to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to finish what you started. But, there are some things that just can’t do for you.

That’s where comes in. If you ask to do something on it simply can’t do, it won’t give up. Instead, it will redirect you to your iPhone and automagically transfer your requested and get you your answer.

Handoff system requirements

To use Handoff on Watch, you’ll need to make sure the feature is enabled on your iPhone or iPad first. Your Watch and secondary device must both be be within Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range (that ensures you’re close by so it can trust you have possession of both devices at the time).Handoff works with watchOS 1.0 and above.

How to set up Handoff on your Apple Watch

You can quickly enable Handoff for your Apple Watch from the Watch app on your iPhone if it is not already enabled.

On your iPhone, open the Watch app.Tap General.

Scroll down to Enable Handoff and tap the switch to turn on the feature.

Setting up Handoff on Apple Watch

Once enabled, Handoff will work across all devices connected with the same iCloud account.

How to use to Handoff to your iPhone

You can transfer calls, emails, or messages from your Apple Watch to your iPhone, iPad or Mac fairly smoothly. However, you can also use on Apple Watch to quickly Handoff a number of actions to your iPhone, including looking something up on Safari, changing data in a Reminder, getting contact info, and more.

On Apple Watch, ask Siri to change something in a reminder. Since there is no Reminder app on Apple Watch, Siri will offer to Continue on iPhone and automatically call up the reminder with the changes made.

Changing Reminders on Apple Watch with Handoff

On Apple Watch, ask Siri for the address of someone in your contacts. When you tap Continue on iPhone the address will automatically pop up in Siri’s window on your device.

Finding contacts on Apple Watch with Handoff

On Apple Watch, ask Siri to send an email to someone. When you Continue on iPhone Siri will have the recipient filled in. You’ll just have to add the subject and message.

Emailing on Apple Watch with Handoff

On Apple Watch, ask Siri a question that requires a web search, like “Where do black bears live?” and when you Continue on iPhone Siri will look up the question and supply you the results.

Searching the web on Apple Watch with Handoff

On Apple Watch, ask Siri to send a tweet. When you Continue on iPhone, you can use voice dictation to craft your tweet and Siri will post it for you when you are ready.

Posting a tweet on Apple Watch with Handoff

Facebook works the same as Twitter. When you ask to send a Facebook update on Apple Watch, you can Continue on iPhone to finish and post.

Posting to Facebook on Apple Watch with Handoff

On Apple Watch, ask Siri to make dinner reservations for you on a specific date and time, or at a specific location. When you Continue on iPhone, Siri will show you restaurants and reservation times available. You can then book directly using OpenTable.

Making Reservations on Apple Watch with Handoff

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