How do you remove Apple’s pre-installed apps? iOS 10 makes it easy.

How do you Apple’s - apps? iOS 10 makes it easy.

If you want to cut down on the number of apps you don’t use, and keep your iPhone organized, Apple has made it easy to unwanted - apps with iOS 10.

How to an - Apple app

Deleting a pre-installed Apple app is as easy as removing any other app!

Open a folder or locate an Apple app you want to delete.Push down lightly on the app icon until it starts to dance.Locate the small x icon that appears on the top left.Tap Remove.

How to delete an Apple app from the home screen

After removing the app, its icon will disappear from its folder or home screen. A note on removing pre-installed apps: Because they’re part of the system bundle — and some are deeply integrated with Siri — you aren’t actually freeing up any disk space when you take them away. Instead, they’re just being hidden from the Home screen. (It’s very similar to the toggle for Apple’s iCloud Drive app, first introduced in iOS 9.)

How to re-install an Apple app once it has been removed

Open app Store from the home screen or inside folder.Navigate to Search tab on the lower portion of screen.Enter the name of the app into the search bar. If that doesn’t work, you can also search for Apple, then select the developer’s page to see a list of all pre-installed apps.

Tap app icon.

How to delete an Apple app from the home screen

Scroll down to find the removed app.Tap the cloud icon to re-install the previously-removed app.

That’s it! Right now, it’s a bit difficult to find Apple’s first-party apps through search, but that should get easier after iOS 10 has been released to the public. In the meantime, searching for a well-known Apple app like the Apple Store app, and getting the company’s listings through there is the easiest way.


Can’t find an app you uninstalled? Having problems with the process? Let us know in the comments!

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