How do you evolve your Pokémon and raise their combat power? By catching more Pokémon!

How do you your Pokémon and their combat power? By catching more Pokémon!

Pokémon Go is different than the Pokémon games you may have played as a kid. You can play it on your iPhone or Android phone, for one. You have to move around in the real world to catch virtual critters. We’ve already shared our Pokemon Go tips, tricks, and cheats with you, but now we’re getting more specific. Now we’re going to talk evolution.

Unfortunately, you don’t use your own Pokémon to catch new ones — you instead rely on your own personal Trainer Level, your items, and your tap-and flick mastery. This means your active Pokémon won’t get any XP love as you wander about the world catching critters; if you want them to get better in the Pokémon Go universe, you have to use Stardust and breed-specific Candy.

Why do I want to level up or my Pokémon in the first place?

If you want to fight at gyms, you’re going to need to level up your Pokémon. The CP (combat power) stat helps your pocket monsters become more effective against lower-or-similarly-ranked ones at Gyms, and upgrading it can also increase your Pokémon’s hit points and durability.

Evolving also helps with Gym activities — your Pokémon gets a huge boost to its CP, health, and potentially gains some new abilities, too. Furthermore, evolving your Pokémon gives you access to more entries in your Pokédex, as not every evolutionary step can be caught in the wild.

So what is Stardust and Candy, exactly?

There are two items in the Pokémon Go world you can’t buy or trade — you have to find them in the world.

Stardust is solely used to help you your Pokémon’s CP, while breed-specific Candy can be used in tandem with Stardust to CP, or by itself to your Pokémon.

While Stardust is universal, every breed requires a different type of candy. As such, you can’t collect 20 Spearow candies and 5 Eevee candies and try to evolve an Eevee (who requires 25 Eevee-specific candies to start the evolutionary process).

Where do I get Candy and Stardust?

To evolve or the CP of your Pokémon, you need two items: Stardust, and breed-specific Candy.

You get Stardust by capturing any Pokémon, or after your trainer level increases. (You earn Trainer XP from catching Pokémon, nice throws, and gym battles.)

Candy only appears after you’ve caught a Pokémon (5-10 pieces on the first catch of a new species, followed by 3-5 pieces for duplicate catches), or when you Transfer an extra version of that creature to the Professor (1 piece). This is why it’s super important to keep catching Pokémon, even if you own them already — those duplicate Pokémon will help your originals evolve!

Okay, but how much Candy and Stardust do I need?

To improve your Pokémon’s CP, you’ll typically need 1 piece of candy and 200-800 bits of Stardust; this usually results in a 20-80 point CP jump for your critter.

You can also evolve your Pokémon just with candy: Depending on what evolutionary step your creature is going through, you’ll need anywhere from 10 pieces of candy to a whopping 400 (oh, Magikarp).

How do I level up or evolve a Pokémon?

Once you’ve collected enough Stardust and Candy, here’s how the process works.

From the main section of the game, tap the Pokéball in the center of the screen. Tap on the Pokémon button.

Select the Pokémon you wish to level up or evolve.

Scroll down to the Power Up or Evolve buttons and select the one you’d like to use. (The cost for each is listed to the right of the button, with your total supply of Stardust and breed Candy listed above the buttons.)

After you choose an option, the game will either power up or evolve your creature.

Even if you have the right amount of Stardust and Candy, you may not be able to power up your Pokémon if it’s already beyond a certain CP. That’s likely because your trainer level is too low to control a Pokémon with that power: You’ll need to catch some more creatures and play more Gym battles to personally level up.

What are the best Pokémon to level up or evolve?

This is highly subjective depending on your area and what Pokémon you enjoy playing, but so far we’ve seen players have major success leveling up captured Pokémon that show up in the world at a medium-level CP (like Hypno, Clefable, and Taurus), or Pokémon with low candy costs to evolve (like Spearow).

Other questions?

Have any other questions about evolving Pokémon or leveling them up? Let us know in the comments.

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