How do you change the email address associated with your iCloud and iTunes accounts? Through your Apple ID!

How do you the email associated with your and iTunes accounts? Through your Apple ID!

Your Apple ID is what you use to make purchases in iTunes and on the app Store, as well as to log into and use on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and Apple’s online store, if that’s where you buy your products. If you email addresses or don’t have access to the email currently tied to your Apple ID, you can easily it.

How to the email linked to your Apple ID

Launch Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or MacGo to

Log in with your account credentials.

Log in to with your account credentials.

If asked, verify your identity after logging in.Click or tap on Edit under the Account section.

Click or tap on Change Email under Apple ID.

Click or tap on Edit under the Account section.Click or tap on Change Email Address... under Apple ID.

Enter your new email address. (Reminder: It can’t be an address you’ve used with any other Apple ID.)Click or tap on Continue.You’ll be prompted to enter a verification code sent to your new email address.Once you’ve verified your new email address, click Done to save your changes.

Enter your new email address.Enter a verification code to confirm your new email address.Click or tap on Done to confirm your changes.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or need any extra help, let me know!

Originally published June 2014. Updated October 2016 to reflect changes to iOS 10.

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