History of Chinese Art

History of Chinese Art Dr. Richard L. Langill History 217 Saint Martin’s College Oracle Bones and the Chinese Writing System ? Bones of large animals used to communicate with Heaven ?

Questions were posed on the bones for Heaven to answer. Once placed over a fire the bones would crack. Priest would interpret its meaning. Thousands

of these were discovered in burial tombs providing the earlier evidence of the Chinese written language ? Oracle Bone Zhou Dynasty Oracle Bone Zhou Dynasty Bronze Vessels Shang and Zhou dynasties ? Chinese cast some of the most exquisite bronze vessels in the world Technolgoically far superior to anything in the world Vessels used in ceremonies and as household containers Taotie design ? ? ? Bronze hu (wine vessel) Zhou Dynasty Jia (tripod wine vessel) Shang Dynasty 12th C BC Fanglei (wine vessel) Shang Dynasty 12C BC Bronze Gu (wine vessel) Shang Dynasty 11th C BC Bronze bell Zhou Dynasty 5th C BC Bronze bell Zhou Dynasty 5th C BC Bronze zun (Bear swallowing monster) Shang Dynasty 11th C BC Shaft-hole axe Shang Dynasty 11th C BC Chinese Jade ? Chinese jade was highly prized from the earliest period Jade was a symbol of longevity It was frequently used as jewelry for rings, pendants, etc. Jade was used in rites and rituals and often buried with high status individuals ? ? ? ? Jade burial suits were common in Zhou and Han times. Jade squares were sewn together with gold thread to preserve the body Bi Jade D

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