6 iPhone App Store Problems & Fixes

If the app on your is acting up or just want to make sure that issues don’t occur in the future, here are six app problems and that you should be aware of.

The app on your is the ultimate portal to functionality, as many of the apps you use on your come from the app Store. So without it, the ’s capabilities would certainly be limited, which is why the app Store is such an important feature of the iPhone.

The iPhone comes with a handful of apps already installed, and they do a great job at introducing the iPhone and showing off what the device can do, but to fully take advantage of the mobile device, you’ll want to download
more apps, which is where the app Store comes in.

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However, sometimes it doesn’t work as it should and you’ll come across various problems. Sometimes it won’t load and other times apps just aren’t download
ing like they should be.

It’s nothing to worry about, though, as there are many to these problems that you can implement, so if you find yourself having some trouble with the app Store on your iPhone, here are six iPhone app Store problems and that you should know about.

app Updates Not Appearing

1 / 6App Updates Not Appearing

Sometimes an update comes out for an app, but it doesn’t yet show up in the app Store on your iPhone. There could be a couple of reasons for this.

The first reason is that Apple’s servers have yet to reach your device. app updates don’t hit everyone’s iPhones at the same time, but it’s rather a gradual rollout. So if you haven’t see an app update for a specific app, wait an hour or so and look again.

If it’s been well over an hour or even a couple of days and still no app update, there’s a neat little trick you can try that force-restarts the app Store. Simply tap on one of the tabs at the bottom ten times. This will force-reboot the app Store and hopefully your app updates will show up properly this time.

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